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H2OgeniusSEA is a product derived from the evolution of the H2Ogenius IE (industrial edition) product for a specific use in the marine environment.
H2OgeniusSEA represents a revolutionary device in the current scene, capable of solving the problem of deposits in the on-board circuits permanently and without periodic cost. It is a recently patented method for treating shipwrecks on board boats of all kinds, in order to reduce calcareous deposits, salt and biological origin in equipment, engines, tanks and pipelines. The characteristics of water used on boats - sanitary water and cooling water - constitute a critical factor affecting the quality of life on board and the proper operation of a large part of the equipment, primarily engines, refrigeration and air conditioning systems.
It is well known that water for sanitary purposes is normally supplied by taking it from the dockwater available in the ports, which have very long stay times within the respective ground tanks, and therefore often contain suspended limestone material in a more Or less aggregated predominantly in the form of calcite, and also contain algae and microflora proliferation factors, favored by the porous nature of calcite.
In such conditions, onboard equipment and piping can produce deposits that reduce its efficiency.
It is also known that the cooling of the engines of boats is usually done by means of a refrigerant fluid (water, antifreeze, diathermic oil) circulating in a closed circuit, which in turn cools into a heat exchanger in which is pumped water From the sea and returned to it in open circuit, during the operating phases of the engines.
The heat exchanger, normally comprising a tube bundle, is subject to saline, calcareous and biological sedimentation on the surfaces exposed to marine water, as these are particularly intense on hot surfaces.
Such sediments reduce the efficiency of heat exchange and require frequent maintenance or expensive overdimensioning of the exchange surfaces, and in any case cause a loss of efficiency or failure of the engine in case of insufficient thermal exchange.H2OgeniusSEA provides an effective method for treating both sweet and salty water, which is introduced into the on-board heat exchangers as well as that circulating in pipes in general, drastically limiting saline, limestone and organic deposits on surfaces in contact with water .
Its regular use also avoids the sedimentation of such deposits during periods of inactivity of such circuits.

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